"From 1920s blues to contemporary folk, Ben J Carter plucks and slides his way through a century of roots styles. His superb original material is  bound to delight the blues and guitar purists and captivate modern singer-songwriter fans alike."     

 Benjamin William Pike - (Blues and Roots Radio Canada)                                                                                                                            

"The combination of folk songs (and blues) with the added melancholic string ensemble delivers a remarkable, exceptionally beautiful debut album."        Peter Marinus - Blues Magazine (Netherlands)

"These Winters they howl is an excellent album!"  -  Max Crawdaddy (Triple R radio) Melbourne

After initially honing his skills busking the city streets of Melbourne, guitarist and songwriter Ben J. Carter moved on to  playing his unique brand of acoustic blues & roots to venues and festivals across Victoria. Ben's one man band approach approach consisting of guitar, foot stomp, percussion and harmonica goes from soaring slide guitar and blues hollers to folk song ballads.

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His reinterpretation  of old time country blues aims to pay tribute to iconic bluesman of a bygone era such as Skip James, Fred Mcdowell and Robert Johnson, as well as providing a swag of original folk songs influenced from the likes of Nick Drake and Kelly Joe Phelps.  

Ben`s debut album “These Winters they howl” was released in August 2017. Recorded at Tender Trap studios and mixed at 400 Acres in Melbourne, the album conveys his mastery of finger picking guitar with songs of loss, regret and new beginnings sung with well tempered harmonies. The album  features the combined respective talents of Anita Quayle (cello), Hannah Francis (fiddle), Jason Bunn (violin/viola) and Damien Fitzgerald on Drums. 














It's a melodic journey through 70`s Americana, Folk and Blues with gleaming string sections adding a hint of country twang.

Ben is also a founding member of Melbourne band 'Cold Irons Bound'